Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Rumors of Our Demise Have Been Greatly Exagerated

So it's been a busy couple of days hasn't it? I 'forgot' the recaps Saturday night, but really, It would have been a single link to nhl.com. There was 26 teams in action, so forgive us. However, we'll be back tonight or tomorrow with a different recap of the Canucks v. Wild game tonight.

PKLC Fun Fact - Jaye HATES the Canucks.

This hate has only grown the more I've lived in Metro-Vancouver. For a team that has won nothing, and who's marketing campaign slogan should really be 'We'll Get Em This Year' it makes me sick the loyalty this city has to its franchise.

I look at Vancouver like..Toronto West. (Cup futility aside) Toronto fans will say "our team is going to make a run at the cup" their tongue is FIRMLY in cheek when saying this statement, cause they know that most years (aside from possibly this one) the team will more then likely be on the outside looking in. This suits the Leaf Fan just fine, spring in Ontario is quite lovely, why would they want to waste it watching hockey.

Canucks fans, on the other hand, will say the above statement and SWEAR by it for year after year. Fully believing that Luongo will finally win that Vezina, Henrik will REPEAT as Art Ross and Hart winner (psst..fluke year) and the team as a whole will make that 'next-step' despite decades of doing just the opposite. I would say they're blinded by success, but you need to win something other than the division to be called successful. (just ask the Capitals)

I may have strayed from my original point here, what the purpose of tonight's recap will be about. It'll be no doubt biased, but not towards either team, cause I can't stand them. I'll call spades spades and if the Canucks string together a solid 60 minutes, I'll politely credit them. If they roll over and die, well, this recap will be much funner to write. Keep watching Twitter, Facebook or refreshing your page to see what I've come up with.

- Jaye

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  1. Luongo! Ha don't make me laugh. What an over rated goalie. I'll tell ya what if the Canucks win the cup this year, I'll buy a Bertuzzi jersey. This coming from a die hard Avs fan and Bertuzzi hater.