About The Writers

Jaye Horbay - Editor and the 'brains behind the operation' of Patrick Kane's Loose Change, he had this wild and crazy idea to start a blog only after reading bunches of them for an entire year, as if there weren't enough on in the internet. Despite being a life long Avalanche fan, he owns more Sidney Crosby jerseys than Sid himself. He was a colour analyst for college hockey, and the year after he graduated, the team went to the finals. He's a man of considerably less titles than Jordan. 

Jordan Kuhns - Jordan is a man of many titles.  He is a broadcaster, writer, blogger, producer, director, editor, executive and the National Broadcasting Society's 2010 national award-winning hockey broadcaster.  Jordan will be attending Millersville University as a junior this year as the field shoot director for Millersville University Television.

Evelyn Cardona - will focus on why the Canucks need to stop horsing around and what Vigneault will do for them when they win games thats if you want something with a bit of cheesey humour ... or ... something more serious and profesh ..will focus on Canucks and bad mouthing the Flames, Blackhawks esp Marty Turco (ed. note she's obviously the one with the degree here) 

Stephen Crociata - Is east coast born and raised, living in the Bronx, NY until August 2010 he now lives in Queens. He is a fan of neither the Rangers or Islanders but rather of the Colorado Avalanche since their move to Colorado in 1996. He has written for blogs focusing on the Avalanche, Rangers, NY Yankees, NY Mets, NY Giants, NJ Nets, and Denver Nuggets. He is a Junior at Iona college in New York to get his Degree in Sports/Entertainment Management. He also works at the schools radio station where he acts as the treasurer.