Monday, August 30, 2010

Canucks Best in West..What about Lou?

Puck Daddy's Ryan Lambert made quite the case for the Vancouver Canucks being 'the best team in the West..NAY the NHL.

He seemed to cover all the angles, I thought i had NOTHING to write about..then Lambert wrote this..

"a genuinely terrible Northwest Division sure isn't going to hurt."

This got me thinking. The NW, in my mind is still pretty close. Some teams got better (Minnesota, if you call John Madden an upgrade, Vancouver) Some stayed the same (Colorado) others have a lot of work to do (Edmonton, Calgary) but for the most part, this division is usually pretty close, even if it's between two teams (we can't all be in the Southwest div can we?)

One thing that always pisses me off about Canuck fans is their religious devotion to their Saviour. Roberto Luongo.

A goalie with exactly zero conference or cup final appearances.

A goalie who's GAA and SV% was inflated in the past due to being on a defensively dismal Florida team.

A goalie that can't beat those pesky Blackhawks two years and counting.

Thanks to Bryan Reynolds of Hockey Wilderness (a blog you can check out to your right) showing me Lou's terrible 3-8-1 record at Xcel Energy Centre in St. Paul, (and the subsequent Yahoo stats page that breaks down Lou's record 6 ways from monday, his worst day statistically) here goes my attempt to stick it to the people who think the NW will be Lou's playground.

First his record vs. the NW div

13-7-2 2.71 GAA .909 SV%

not bad, but let's break that down even further, to see how he fared vs. each 'pathetic' NW team.

vs. Colorado 3-1-1 (that OTL got us to the playoffs) 2.76 GAA .902 SV%

14 goals against

vs. Calgary 3-2-1 2.79 GAA .914 SV%

16 goals against

vs. Edmonton 4-2 1.84 GAA .935 SV%

11 goals against

vs. Minnesota 3-2 3.65 GAA .876 SV%

17 goals against

Those pesky Wild really had Lou's number this year didn't they?

Some of the other teams that got into double digits:

Detroit - 14


St. Louis - 10

Far and away, out of the entire League, the ones that put the most rubber past Bobby Lou are the teams in the NW div. (likely because they played each other the most) but it's still funny that one of the most boring teams in hockey (sorry wild fans) popped the most behind him.

This begs the question..Is it Lou, or his D?

I say Lou, what say you?

Your comments are always welcome, also feel free to harass me on twitter, you can find links to all the writers on the right under 'PKLC writers on Twitter'


- Jaye

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Talbot's Clock Ticking?

June 12th 2009.

A Magical night most Pittsburgh Penguins fans will not soon forget.

Game 7.

The Stanley Cup on the line.

On the road.

With their captain Sidney Crosby knocked out of the game by a Tomas Holmstrom check, he watches from the bench as his Penguins battle on without him.

Enter Max Talbot..

 A brilliant gutsy performance by the third liner helped guide the Pens to their third cup. It wasn't just the in the finals, remember when he shushed the crowd in Philadelphia? Moral of the story is he was instrumental during the 09 Cup run.

Flash forward to the 2010 season

Shortened by injury, Talbot was limited to only 45 games, casting doubt in Pens fans as to what role he will fill in the upcoming season

Our friends at The Pens Blog have said GM Ray Shero dropped some hints as to where he would like the play of, not only Talbot, but Tyler Kennedy as well..

From The Pens Blog

Yikes, from a GM that I have NEVER heard call any of his players out, to calling out a couple of his grinders. Times might be changing in Pittsburgh, more so than just across the street to a new barn.

- Jaye

Can Anybody Find Me...Somebody To Lead?

A recent article by Jim Matheson of the Edmonton Journal has inspired this post. He interview Ales Hemsky, who had some words of wisdom for the kids coming down the pipe for the Oilers. This got me thinking. Yes, Hemsky is an elite player. But his stats are usually poured over with a big IF attached. IF he had a better centre, IF he played a full season, IF he played with someone other then..well..Shawn Horcoff. (this reminds me of a great chant some frat guys came up with at a game I attended last season, we'll save that for a game where Horcoff does something) The title of the article blew me away..

'Young guns face steep learning curve: Hemsky'

While this statement is an obvious one, It confuses me that Hemsky of all people, would give it. Sometimes I wonder if Hemsky has even grown out of HIS learning curve. He goes on to say"Everybody is expecting they (Hall and Co.) are going to light it up, but they don't have to be perfect. People expect 80 or 90 points, but it's not easy in this league," Our Czech friend has a point, Oiler fans drink more Kool Aid then the majority of other fan bases in the league (sans Canuck fans) and they very well may expect Hall and Co. to quickly turn around this sorry ass franchise, but this is beyond the point.

Now I expect modest numbers out of the rookies, but it's not a stretch to expect 90 points out of Hemsky. We all know he's got the tools to do so. He has improved his shooting greatly over the past few years, his hands are soft as babies bottoms (even if he turns the puck over at the hash marks, or blue line) and can pass the puck to an open teammate in heavy fog and blinding rain. He's got 10 years on these kids, both in age and NHL experience, yet I don't trust him in leading these kids. The Oilers are still without a captain (it would be wise - especially this season - to get on that) and IF Hemsky is named as such, he's got to start showing these kids - and the rest of the NHL - what it means to lead a team by example.

- Jaye





Friday, August 27, 2010

Better Know A Blogger

There is a boatload of bloggers out there. Here at PKLC we're just a spec on the hockey blogosphere. But we do have some famous friends. I shot a few questions over to friend of the blog, Jason Hornberger, creator of the Dallas Stars blog 'Discard What You Don't Need'

You recently got into the blogging scene. What got you into it, and how well do you think the Stars are covered by the online community?

For the past 5 years I've essentially self-moderated a hockey forum with a few others that was built from the ground up on a website tucked in the corner ofthe Internet. After joining Twitter and stumbling across people like Down Goes Brown, blogging suddenly became more than just rehashing what happened the previous night. It also became about making “Kyle Wellwood is fat” jokes and harping on the Leafs for sucking. Suddenly, it became interesting. I soon began to follow more and more people and decided that I wanted to write about the Stars in my own voice. I’d seen Andrew’s Dallas Stars Page and Defending Big D, but without disrespect to either conglomerate of writers, it didn’t do it for me. They both cover cold hard facts and are both heavily popular, but at the same time they aren’t poking fun at the obvious inadequacies of the team. Hell, even Daryl Reaugh’s blog that is sponsored by the Stars makes fun of the team. Hence I set out on my mission to provide humor, some Stars commentary, and some good old fashion self-loathing along the way.

The Stars have now missed the playoffs for the second consecutive season. Do you think they've made any off season moves to get them back into the second season?

This is actually the first time since moving to Dallas that the American Airlines Center has been hockey-less for two post seasons. Ever since the Brad Richards trade, I believe a significant change in philosophy was undertaken in terms of the team’s direction. Out went a great back-up goaltender and one of our top defensive forwards, and in came a point producing beast. I mention all this because ever since it seems we finally fixed our scoring issues, but the defense, and subsequently goaltending, have suffered immensely. There are issues when your #1 defenseman is Stephane Robidas. Sorry, I love a guy who is willing to block a shot with his face, but he isn’t a #1 guy.  As for additions that will help us get back to the playoffs? You mean Adam Burish and Andrew Raycroft?  Excuse me while I go drink until I either blackout and forget you asked that question, or I puke (because the taste of vomit is more appealing than thinking of Andrew Raycroft helping lead us to the post season). I know we also signed Brad Lukowich, but in reality that’s just an AHL move and I will be shocked to see him play at the NHL level sans a rash of injuries.

I know this is probably the last question you want asked, but I have to ask it. Mike Modano, do you hate him for leaving the team? or was his departure one you thought was inevitable?

I knew a Modano question was coming, so I made sure to put on a jock strap prior to fielding these questions. I don’t blame Mike one bit for how the situation played out.  It boils down to the fact that Tom Hicks ran out of money and the team decided that they could put a price on loyalty and it was more than they were willing to spend. I really felt that when his current contract ended he was going to hang up the skates, but Mike felt he still had something left in the tank and Detroit offered everything you could dream of at the end of a career: a great position on a team that is always contending, solid defense and an up-and-coming goalie who will be even better after a full season, and some talented young line mates, not to mention really having no pressure on your shoulders like he’s always had in Dallas even when he was relegated to the 3rd line. How could he not want to sign with them? That being said, I’m still going to boo him mercilesslybecause if there’s one thing I know, it’s that the Red Wings suck. (Editors Note: ain't that the truth)

After exactly ONE game of pure awesomeness what ever happened to Fabian Brunnstrom?

I’m pretty sure the Stars put a picture of him on the side of a milk carton. I was actually at his first game in which he got a hat trick. He actually had 4 goals, but the refs over turned one of them. He could have had 5 or 6 the way he played that night. I really thought we hit the jackpot, but then the reality of an undrafted late bloomer who just wanted to play rock music settled into the Stars line-up. Like a lot of the guys on the team (specifically the young D-men), he shows flashes of brilliance and skill. Sadly, none of that occurred last season, it was all in 2008. Hopefully he takes this new 1-year deal, the motivation of being shopped in trades, and really puts forth a great effort with all the forward talent on the team and finds his groove this season.

Seeing as it's the 'Question of the Day' do you think bloggers should get media accreditation, and would it benefit you to have access to the team?

As fun as it sounds to be able to watch the game from the press box, schmooze with the reporters, and meet the players, I could care less. I deal with those people on a daily basis with my job and have no added desire to be around them more than that. It isn’t like we have a ton in common, “Hey Raycroft, guess what? I can’t stop a slapshot to save my life either.” Ok, perhaps a bad example.  My feeling is that a lot of bloggers will use the credentials for the wrong reasons: as I stated just to meet people, not to actually gain a story or extra insight.  By the same token, I think that if they are allowed access, that it should not be restricted to just those that are 100% serious and positive about a team. This is mainly in response to The Goalie Guild’s article about how topresent yourself to a team in order to achieve success and access.  A big part of what I plan on writing is humor, and since my audience isn’t necessarily Stars fans, but rather hockey fans, one has to mock themselves just as they do others.  In other words, I’m not going to be making anyone’s Christmas Card list in terms of Media Relations anytime soon

I'd like to thank Jason for taking some time out of his day to answer our questions. Follow his always hilarious tweets @damnitjason or check his blog out under the Blog Roll to your right.
- Jaye


Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Media Restrictions Unnecessary

(Editors Note: I would very much like to thank Jordan for writing about this, I was mulling this over in my head all day, not sure what to write. I appreciate him beating me to it)

Interesting rumblings coming from top names in the NHL recently…

According to Greg Wyshynski, the NHL is thinking about starting to put a little bit of limitation on professional bloggers’ rights as credentialed press.  Suddenly, some bloggers may not even have the right to go into the visitors’ dressing room to get the other team’s perspective.

Some teams, like the New York Rangers and Edmonton Oilers, don’t allow bloggers into their dressing rooms, all according to Wyshynski.  They just might be lucky to catch a player or two on the way out of the building.

The NHL is good to bloggers.  They are one of the more forward-thinking professional sports leagues out there.  After all, bloggers like Eklund of, love him or hate him, were able to be part of the hustle and bustle in the past few Stanley Cup Final clinching games on ice and in the locker room…and they are just professional bloggers!  They really can’t call themselves part of the official press!

However, putting limitations on that is going against the precedent they set forth in these past few years a little bit, isn’t it?

It’s one of those situations that “you’re damned if you do, and you’re damned if you don’t”.  The only journalistic responsibilities that bloggers have are the ones they believe in.  Otherwise, they have free reign to insinuate, suggest, and potentially completely blast the players and executives they come across on a daily basis.  The press is relegated to a purely objective lens, and maybe a short blog on the side.

But we sure get tired of the same-old, same-old, don’t we?  “X team beat Y team in a game on Z night…X went A for B on the penalty kill, and some French-named goalie made several key saves…”

…you get it.

I may not be a professional blogger, but I am a blogger that enjoys putting his opinion out there (it’s what I’m doing right now…why would I hate it?!).  Regardless, as a writer, I know it’s very important to have both sides of the story to have a complete picture.  Sure, even as a journalist or a blogger, your lens should be situated towards the team you cover.

But it takes two to tango.  Two hockey teams play the game.  You need to cover both.

If the NHL wants to put restrictions on what bloggers can and can’t write about through restricting their access to the visiting teams, then they are infringing on the quality of bloggers’ livelihoods.  What good is it to have a completely one-sided perspective?  You can’t give credit where credit is due without both sides.

Here are my solutions to this problem.  They could be completely wrong, but from a broad standpoint, they seem to work.  Here goes.

The NHL should pick and choose which bloggers get credentials through a very thorough process – We can’t have too many bloggers out there to intermingle with the press.  The people of the press certainly have a much wider audience, and they are a more reputable source of reporting information.  There should only be a few bloggers that have complete access, and they should prove their track record and writing ability through a test of professional conduct.

Certainly, you’re going to leave out a few bloggers, but it should only be the best that can advance the NHL’s media sprawl.

The NHL should not restrict chosen blogger access – For reasons mentioned before, it takes two to tango.  If they show that they are professional enough, they should be given the chance to get interviews and give a fresh new perspective that actual journalists can’t give due to their objectivity.

Bloggers should be tactful – To further prevent restricted access, bloggers need to refrain from losing their tops over an action that was done, a decision that was made…etc.  Sadly, it’s very easy, as a journalistic value-deprived writer, to go all out and use that blank slate to bash said decision or action.

But to keep the integrity of bloggers intact, they need to stay level-headed and just give another bit of perspective into this crazy hockey world.

Just, for the love of hockey, Gary Bettman…don’t restrict their access.  Please?

- Jordan

Get to Know Your Neighbour

There is a boatload of bloggers out there. Here at PKLC we're just a spec on the hockey blogosphere. But we do have some famous friends. I shot a few questions over to my good friend, Kevin Jesus, Global Saskatoon Sports Director, to ask him his views about the Edmonton Oilers.


With the Oilers finishing dead last a season ago, it seemed like rock bottom, how did you, as a fan, deal with a season that was basically over by november?

The season started with tons of optimism. Two new coaches, a goaltender who had a Stanley Cup under his belt, and some pretty exciting players. In hindsight, Khabibulin's gaffe in the opening game of the season against Calgary should have been a warning sign - it would be a long and gruelling season. In short order it became quite clear the Copper and Blue were going nowhere - injuries and sub-par play turned the year into a nightmare. So while it would have been easy to slip into a depression - my thoughts quickly turned to the future. Short term pain for long term gain... in the salary cap era, you've gotta build through drafting and smart trades - so it's all about looking ahead.

The Oilers picked Taylor Hall 1st overall in the draft this year. Do you think with his arrival, we will see an immediate impact on the club?

My biggest fear is that fans are going to place an unreasonable amount of expectations on this kid. It's his first season so I'm hoping fans aren't expecting 40-goals... remember, look who's surrounding him. It's going to be a long season with tons of growing pains - the key is patience.

A lot of upgrading was done to the team's AHL affiliate, the Oklahoma City Barons. Do you think the team learned it's lesson from last years injury riddled season and what having depth in the system can do?

Depth is very important and as I said eariler, the key to any successful team in the salary cap era is to build from within the organization. Look at the Anaheim Ducks - they did a tremendous job of building future stars and then filling the holes with smart trades to complete the puzzle

In addition to Hall, the Oilers have a lot of up and coming talent with the likes of Jordan Eberle and Magnus Paajarvi. Do you think any vets will be looking over their shoulder at training camp?

Of course the vets should be looking over their shoulder. With the exception of Ales Hemsky (who missed most of last season with injury) none of the guys on that team did much to prove they deserve to stick around. Not to mention that competition is a great thing... if having these young stars will push the older guys, there's no harm in that. 

Remember... it was guys playing above their potential that took this team to within one win of sipping champagne from Lord Stanley's Cup.

Finally, you've certainly taken to your adopted homes' WHL team, the Saskatoon Blades. Coming off an impressive 99 point season and second consecutive playoff birth, what do you see for this years squad?

It'll be an interesting season for the Bridge City Bunch. They'll need to name a new captain prior to puck drop on the season - losing Derek Hulak will be tough as he was all heart and a true leader in that locker room. 

The team has an influx of 20-year olds so we'll have to keep a close on eye on who sticks around and who'll be packing... 

There are a ton of good young players on this team and guys that you'll want to keep a close eye on... Lukas Sutter, Duncan Siemens, Darian Dziurzynski, Brent Benson, Charles Inglis... I fully expect to see this team competing for the East Division crown.


My thanks goes out to Kevin for taking a bit of time out of his day to answer our questions. You can find him on twitter @GlobalJesus. If you're in the Saskatoon area be sure to catch Kevin on Global News.

- Jaye

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

This and That

In an otherwise slow off season, today was jam packed with news (I really hope I won't have to edit this at the end of the day) so here it goes...


Willie MItchell ended days of speculation today by signing with the LA Kings The Victoria Times Colonist has it listed as a 2 year 7 mill deal ($3.5mil per year) I like this move, a little bit of an overpayment with Mitchell only playing 48 games last year due to concussion problems. As we saw last year against the Blackhawks, the team missed his muscle in front of the net. Mitchell is only going to help the Kings in this department which is otherwise a 'offence first' unit.


Fellow UFA Raffi Torres signed with the Canucks. A 1 yr/1 mill deal for a player who, frankly, did shit for the Sabres during the stretch and playoffs. Granted, his best years are behind him. remember this. Without Torres, the Canucks had their cap at 62.04 mil. they're now $3,658,333 over. (thanks nucks misconduct) it'll be interesting to see where they go from here.


The NHLPA may have finally picked a leader. reports say that Donald Fehr has agreed to lead the PA. I have zero idea if this is a good or bad or meh thing, so I asked fellow blogger Jibblescribbits for his take

"NHL needs a strong PA (something they haven’t had in a REALLY long time) and Fehr will make it strong.


And people worry about a strike, but in ’01 (after the devastating baseball strike) he understood that it was in the players best interest to get a deal done with the league. I think the NHL is in the same position now and that he (and the league) understand that a strike/lock-out would be devastating.

I hope it’s a short term kind of thing though. I am ok with him there for the next CBA negotiations, but anything longer than 5-6 years makes me nervous. I don’t really trust him that much, but the NHLPA needed an outsider to come in, and set up some sort of leadership structure that doesn’t involve a battle royal for the conch shell."


ESPN tells us that Stan Kroenke's bid to buy the St. Louis Rams has been approved. One problem. Stan also owns the Avs and the NBA's Denver Nuggets. The NFL doesn't allow 'cross sport ownership' and both the Avs and Nugs will be passed down to Stan's son Josh. The former Missouri b-ball player will serve as the Avs governor and set the budget.

Biggest question in my mind, will the purse strings loosen? Was it up to Stan how much of the budget was used towards free agents? Will the Nugg's get more love than the Avs? Will Son of Stan keep with the rebuild or blow it open?

- Jaye



Monday, August 23, 2010

Kevin Lowe might have put away the drugs

Dan Tencer just gave me a gold mine of Kevin Lowe quotes in his podcast tonight. My thoughts on Tencer can wait for another post, but here are some of the interesting things KLowe said tonight on Inside Sports.

Most Oiler fans, after last season especially, were ready to hang both Lowe and GM Steve Tambellini from the crows nest of the Santa Maria at West Edmonton Mall. After finishing dead last in the NHL last season, fans in Oil Country were ready to see heads roll. Heads did roll, but not the ones fans were clamoring for. The training staff was sent packing, including Kevin's own brother Ken, all of whom had been with the Oilers since day one. Tambellini promised sweeping changes to the team and was leaving no stone unturned, in the months after, he 'fired' head coach Pat Quinn, shipping him upstairs as 'Senior Hockey Advisor' Lowe said tonight Tambo has ‘careful not to have expectations too high, let these kids learn the pro game..get comfortable with one another’ whoa?! what is this?! Granted, this is uncharted ground for the team, which really hasn't seen a rebuild since 1979 when they were building from the ground up, but it's nice to see Lowe and, presumably Tambellini, realize that this is a slow process (if they do it right) and not to jump to any foregone conclusions, Lowe went as far to call it a ‘very successful off season for steve tambellini and staff’ I agree.

A couple of players that have been less than stellar during their time with the Oil, have been Andrew Cogliano and Sam Gagner. Both were highly touted coming out of junior (Cogliano went 25th overall in 05 Gagner 6th overall in 07) yet have failed to produce in the pro game. As Oilers blogger Lowetide said in April, Cogliano is going to be one of those people who gets one year's experience many times over. and one look at his numbers since he broke into the league seasons confirms that. Ganger is much the same. He started the beginning of the season on the 4th line, working his way, finally, up to the top line when injuries decimated the team. Ganger found himself on the top line and had some solid chemistry with Dustin Penner, posting identical numbers to the 08-09 campaign, and doing it in 9 less games. Both players come into this season sans contract, but Lowe isn't concerned saying 'negotiations are on-going' and they should be ready for the start of camp. As I said above, neither player has yet to have a break out season, despite being in the league for some time. This sentiment is echoed by Lowe, saying that 'both would like longer term deals...though unsure where their over all game is [going]' and that the 'easiest thing to do would be one term deals' you know what kind of players get one term deals? VETERANS whom teams are unsure of their future, not guys who are supposed to be in the prime of their careers. With all the talent coming down the pipe, and presumably onto the roster this season, we may have a fight on our hands for some stalls in the locker room, Lowe (as I'm sure the rest of Oiler Nation) thinks that now is 'good opportunity for those guys to prove themselves'. So buck up or shut up.

As I noted earlier in the post, the team has no 'pie in the sky' expectations this season, as Lowe said, they're an 'organization committed to the young guys'. All I can say is, finally they might get this right. They could pull a Colorado, as we saw with the Avs, the Oilers could surprise us all. Lowe was quick to point that out saying 'I don't think Colorado went into last season thinking they were going to be as good as they were last season' (spoiler alert: look at any Craig Anderson early season quote, he basically said 'playoffs or bust' know..) Adding to that 'If we can pull a Colorado, we'll be in good shape' (the Avs fan in me: you don't have a goalie) A Final Thought on Souray Richard posted earlier today, his thoughts on Sheldon Souray. Tencer had Lowe touch on it a bit today during his show. Lowe said that 'nothing is immanent on trade talks' and when asked if he could suit up again this season went ' in this business, if you take things personally, you’re not going to last long, the organization has to have an opener mind then that’ (re possibly souray return) yes, he said 'opener mind'.

Thanks for sticking with me on that one! As always, your comments are always welcome!

- Jaye

Sheldon Souray – the douche bag

July 12, 2007 Sheldon Souray signs with the Edmonton Oilers. I know where I was and my actual reaction when I first read it on It went along something like this: “OMFG?!?!?!?!?!?! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *Jumps up and down….runs upstairs screaming and yelling to my sister that we just sign Souray and twisting my ankle. After a dominating performance in 2006-2007 where he put up 64 points and notched 19 power play goals, I was ecstatic for the upcoming season and hoping he can repeat his performance the year before in Montreal. Boy was I wrong.

Fast forward 3 years later, he has been nothing but a bust. Injured for a majority of the 5 year contract (144 games played out of 246 regular season games) due to selfish and ignorant decisions to fight, Souray placed the Oilers in a huge hole. Without their supposedly “star” defencemen, the Oilers were unable to make the playoffs, something they have not done since 2006. Just the thought of that brings a tear to my eyes. Anywho back to Souray. After an abysmal season that any Oiler fan would love to forget, Souray goes public and demands a trade to which he went to reporter Mark Spector first, a man known to have something against the Oilers. Ouch….another defencemen who wears 44 who wants out of Edmonton. This is getting ridiculous is it not? So much for honouring one’s contract. Souray claims that management force him to play when he was injured and they did not look after him. Excuse me? You are how old? You get a boo boo and you want our general manager to come down to the locker room to kiss it and make you feel better? Besides, isn’t that the trainers job not the gm’s? That’s ludicrous IMO. If I could be a gm, I would never force my own injured players to play (I’d probably tell them to heal the hell up quickly) so Souray’s claim is a bit odd to me. Then again I do not know what Oiler management does behind their doors but I assume it is civilized and reasonable. I’m just going with what I speculate. Continuing on.

With those remarks and the rebuild happening in Edmonton, Steve Tambellini planned to ship Souray off at the Draft. No takers. He placed him on waivers hoping someone would take this baby off our team….again no takers. Now that’s a big slap in the face to Souray. Nobody wants him or his 5.4m cap hit! Recently, he has told the media that the Oilers Management has done nothing to patch things up with him. Uhhhhh… Why should they patch things up with you when you go asking for a trade, insulting them, the organization and most importantly the fans? You selfish narcissistic bastard.

Next season is just right around the corner, and I’m afraid that Souray will still be an Oiler. Why you might ask? Because he needs to build his reputation back up in the league and boost his value so the Oilers can ship this cancer out of the locker room. Question is, will there be anyone willing to dance with the Oilers in obtaining this douche bag? Time will tell. My message to Souray: “put up some big points, you’re going to need one hell of a season to get what you want”.

Rich (the Godfather)

Ps. First ever sports related blog. Sorry if it isn’t the greatest right off the bat
Pps. Listen to Nightmare by Avenge Sevenfold, great song.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

A New Writer

Let me be the first to welcome our newest writer here at PKLC. Jordan Kuhns

This is what he has to say about himself

Jordan Kuhns - Jordan is a man of many titles.  He is a broadcaster, writer, blogger, producer, director, editor, executive and the National Broadcasting Society's 2010 national award-winning hockey broadcaster.  Jordan will be attending Millersville University as a junior this year as the field shoot director for Millersville University Television.

Wow, experience!! instant information superhighway street cred!! Jordan will be making the Atlantic Division his bitch this season.

Follow him on twitter @jckuhns

- Jaye

Friday, August 20, 2010


So we're going to try this blog thing again. This time we're going to expand it's focus, yes when I write there will be may be an Avalanche bias, but I want to focus on the whole league, and whatever else is going on around it. We already have a 'team of writers' here they are:

Me (Jaye) will focus on the Avs, Canucks, making Taylor Hall Jokes, and hating the Wings

Richard (a.k.a the godfather) will focus on the Oilers, trade rumours, and making fun of the Avs and the Leafs

Evelyn will focus on why the Canucks need to stop horsing around and what Vigneault will do for them when they win games thats if you want something with a bit of cheesey humour ... or ... something more serious and profesh ..will focus on Canucks and bad mouthing the Flames, Blackhawks esp Marty Turco (ed. note she's obviously the one with the degree here)

we're always looking for more writers, so if you would like to write for PKLC feel free to send an email to with some samples of your work and a team or list of teams you'd like to cover.

Don't forget to follow us on Twitter as well

Jaye - @horbayj

Richard - @richmiester19

Evelyn - @evycakes

The lovely Evelyn will also be master and commander of the PKLC twitter account, we'll have it up and running asap.  

Until next time sports fans. 

- Jaye