Thursday, September 9, 2010

What's In A Name









Recently, we've had some confusion as to what 'kind' of blog we are.

Are we Hawks fans?

Are we slightly biased?

Do we hire monkeys to write our posts?

1) Are we Hawks fans?

While I'm sure we all (minus Jordan & Evelyn) appreciate the fact that the Blackhawks won the cup after 49 long years of futility. We're not diehard Chicago fans. The fact we use Chicago colours is purely for aesthetic value.

1b) Why use Patrick Kane as part of your blog name, if you're not Chicago fans?

Seeing as we're brining you a league wide blog, we wanted a name that all fans could relate to. (Pronger's Power Tools was too much alliteration) Even the Hawks fans I've talked to get a kick out of this incident. Bottom line, I didn't want an inside joke or meme as a title that only a few people and fan bases understood.

2) Are we slightly biased?

Yes. Despite being a 'league wide' blog, we each have the teams we root for, and teams we just can't bring ourselves to write anything nice about. But we'll try.

3) Do we hire monkeys to write our posts?

do we look like Red Wing fans? (I said we'd try to be nice)

Hope we've cleared up any misconceptions about PKLC!

- Jaye


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  1. I also don't appreciate the Hawks winning you are alone in that. Watching Joel Quenville winning the cup after being let go by the Avs was annoying lol.