Thursday, September 23, 2010

DGS vs. PKLC..fantasy style

Back to blogger, It was fun with MarsEdit, maybe I'll suck up the $40 and buy it.

For those who might have missed it yesterday, we're throwing around some ideas for this season. We want to keep things interesting around here and not bore you all like some blogs. (Corsi can suck our collective behinds) One of the ideas was a Fantasy Update, where we give you a run down about out billions of fantasy teams we have on to go.

We already have a challenge.

Friends of the blog, Down Goes Spezza have spit in the face of the All-Mighty PKLC.

They want a Fantasy Hockey Showdown, we'd be rude not to accept.

Loser writes a guest post on the winners' blog explaining how awesome the other is at fantasy hockey, blog writing, life.

By April look for a special post here from our friends at DGS explaining how we kicked their asses.



  1. How cute that 2nd and 3rd place are fighting for supremacy.

  2. Jaye,

    You are mistaken good sir, you will be writing about how awesome DGS is.

    Down Goes Spezza