Monday, September 27, 2010

NHL Award Predictions from DGS

Another 'Celebrity' post today. Seems our friends at Down Goes Spezza read yesterdays post about Stephen doing every prediction BUT who will win what award. Fear not psychics. Our friends and rivals at DGS have you covered....
NHL Awards Predictions 2010-11

Hart Memorial: MVP

Henrik Sedin, Steven Stamkos, Sidney Crosby

Winner: Stamkos takes his first MVP, beating out Ovi and Crosby in a close vote.

 Art Ross: Scoring Champ

Winner: Henrik Sedin 33G 92A 125P

Other 100P topping players

Steven Stamkos 55G 45A
Sidney Crosby 41G 77A
Ilya Kovalchuk 60G 42A (Look at the weak goaltending of the Atlantic division)
Daniel Sedin 41G 61A (if he stays healthy)
Evgeni Malkin 35G 72A

 Rocket Richard Award: Most goals
Winner: Ilya Kovalchuk 60G

Alex Ovechkin 57G
Steven Stamkos 55G
Jeff Carter 47G (could be a Flyers homer here)

Selke Trophy: Best Defensive Forward

Ryan Kesler, Mike Richards, Pavel Datsyuk

 Winner: Mike Richards finally takes this award

 Norris Trophy: Best Defenseman

Nominees: Duncan Keith, Drew Doughty, Zdeno Chara


 Winner: Zdeno Chara, Chara has a big year as he looks for a new contract.

 Vezina Trophy: Best goaltender

Nominees: Ryan Miller, Martin Brodeur, Jon Quick
Winner: Miller takes this award, Brodeur’s too old to be elite…tho still a talent, and I can’t see Quick duplicating his success from last year.

 Jennings Award: Fewest Goals Allowed

Winner: Marty Turco

Turco’s an underrated goalie who will face next to nothing in net because of how great the Hawks Defense is, this award will be won by Keith/Seabrook/Hjallmarsson more than Turco, but Turco’s name will be on the trophy.

Calder Trophy: Rookie of the Year

Nominees: Taylor Hall, Tyler Seguin, someone else (Ed. Note - Jordan Eberle)…it’s the Taylor vs. Tyler rematch!

Winner: Tyler Seguin wins this award having decent numbers…say 60-65pts on a solid Bruins team.

 Lady Byng

Nominees: Chris Pronger, Steve Downie, Sean Avery (just kidding)

Real Nominees: Martin St. Louis, Pavel Datsyuk, Brad Richards


 Winner: Martin St. Louis again, just to watch his 5’5” frame give a speech. (Ed. Note - I want to see him give another one from his Blackberry)

Jack Adams: Coach of the Year

Nominees: Dave Tippett, John Maclean, Peter Laviolette

Winner: Maclean wins the award for surviving Lou and the jelly tossed at him in NJ.

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