Thursday, September 23, 2010

On Mueller, Paajarvi & Hall

News was sent earlier today that Avalanche forward Peter Mueller is once again shelved with a concussion. Cue Avs Nation acting irrationally. I've read calls to "Trade for Player X or, Why didn't we sign Player Y" and to these folks, I say this..

If this turns out to be a long term problem, go ahead and address the hole with a trade, signing, whatever. But only IF no one in your organization can fill it.

If this is a short term injury (month to two months) and they do something as drastic as said above, it's a slap in the face to your depth players. To just sign a player to sign him? Doesn't show much faith in your players. Last season, David Jones went down in Mid November, he was on pace for career highs, but did the fans call for a trade? I don't think so. They had FAITH in the depth guys. Faith that they would be able to shoulder the load. Had Greg Sherman gone and traded for someone, would we see the emergence of Brandon Yip? Doubtful.

Maybe in this case we see a rookie step up, or Ryan Stoa even. As for the cannon from the point, maybe this is where you take on Kevin Shattenkirk or Cameron Gaunce as a 7th D man.

If you listen closely, you can hear the collective minds of Edmonton Oiler fans meticulously planning a parade for 2011 down Jasper Ave. Pre season?! WHAT PRE SEASON?! CUP IN 2011 BABY!!

The Oilers, or more specifically, Magnus Paajarvi, ran roughshod over the Tampa Bay Lightning's B team, (no Vinny, Marty or Stevie..Stamkos) popping in 3 goals in a 5-2 Oilers win.

How did 2010 Number 1 Pick Taylor Hall do?

goal at the 1:05 mark, I'll bet you he tells his kids it was top cheese roof daddy on a clear cut break away.

But it was really Magnus Paajarvi that stole the show tonight. You can definitely see his development curve over Hall. (3 years playing in the Swedish Elite League vs. CHL) but who will have the better career? Time will tell. I'd like to put my money on MPS, but that's just cause I can't stand Hall. We'll save that post for another time.

- Jaye

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  1. I'm not calling for a trade, give the spot to Stoa for now.

    I am, however, wondering why the decision (by Mueller or otherwise) to play him in a game situation when his new helmet (the one that is supposed to help cut down on concussions) didn't fit correctly yet. That was royally, and beyond stupidity.