Friday, September 10, 2010

Mueller Signs - Avs Nation rejoices

From Bob Mckenzie:

Twitter : Bob McKenzie: Peter Mueller agrees to te ..._1284155000999.png






It only took the entire summer, but it's finally done. The cap hit @ 2 mil is an absolute STEAL. If he flops, they're not shelling out huge money for well..Darcy Tucker 2.0

If he continues the streak he went on last season, once again people sing the praises of Greg Sherman for a bargain signing. (think Craig Anderson last season)

While it is a raise for Mueller, there isn't a ton of pressure on him to 'perform to his contract.'

Add Mueller's name to a long list of Avalanche not signed past 2012 (minus Paul Stastny) either the Avs know something we don't (lockout?) or if this 'rebuild' doesn't work in two years, they shed contracts and start again? Feel free to steal a Canuck fans' tin foil hat and list your conspiracy theories in the comment section.


One more hold out signed today. Andrew Cogliano re-signed in Edmonton. From The Edmonton Journal's Jim Matheson:

Twitter : Jim Matheson: Cogliano's 1 year deal at ..._1284156327555.png






A good deal for Edmonton in the way that if he has another lame duck season, they're not paying out the nose for him. Already in his 3rd NHL year, only making a million? If I'm Cogliano, this is a wake up call for me to step my game up, or be a third line plug for the rest of my career.

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  1. Ugh please don't say lockout it makes me wanna be sick just thinking about it.