Saturday, November 27, 2010

Revamping Man Crushes - November 27th

Before we get to this weeks MC's, we're going to try something a little different from now on. I've been fielding 'complaints' that we've got the wrong Man Crush for the night, that it should be player x or y.

Tonight this all changes. For the first time, we've got tonight's PKLC Man Crushes as decided by you, the reading public.

Here they are..Boom...

(Yahoo!/Getty Images)
We'd be amiss here at PKLC if we didn't award at least a partial Man Crush to Hat Tricks. Hat Tricks that are also 200th career NHL goals are automatics around here. We tip our hats to Sidney Crosby on his hat trick (and 200th career goal) this afternoon against the Flames. Crosby also has a mind boggling 26 points in 13 games. Jesus.

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Tonight's Man Crush number two goes to a player who's been in the league since 2001, but could never catch on with a team despite posting pretty good AHL numbers. With 4 points in a 7-4 thrashing of the Minnesota Wild, Colorado's Greg Mauldin almost had as many points tonight as AHL team's he's been with.(5) With some injuries to the Avs' top 6 tonight, look for Mauldin to stick around with the big club.

Along with great plays, we had some great fights tonight, here are a couple of them.

First, we've got Chris Stewart lettin' them fly against Kyle Brodziak..

Stewart would leave the game after this one, with a fractured left hand, I sure would to after dropping those bombs. (can we re name his fists Fat Man and Little Boy)

The Second (and way sicker) fight of the night came between Chicago's Jon Scott and LA Kings scrapper Kevin Westgarth..

Check Westgarth after that one, Don Cherry was all over it. Big thanks to for the videos.

Be sure to keep up the voting every night for your PKLC Man Crush pick. You can vote for them by reaching any of us on twitter. We might even let you write it!

- Jaye

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  1. Lol. Anytime you do something like this you're gonna get backlash. I just enjoy giving you grief for it.