Monday, November 1, 2010

PKLC Man Crush of the Night

I know we've been a little lax on this, but excuse us, we had to go through like..14 games on saturday all whilst battling video code from that didn't like us, sorry about that, I think you might have all got the Ducks/Sharks hilights 14 times over..our bad

Time for tonights Man Crush of The Night...

He cut his damn hair, stopped looking like a freakin hippie, then donated it to cancer. With teammate Danny Briere out for a nasty cross check on the weekend, he willed the Flyers to victory tonight with 2 goals and 2 assists for 4 points (thanks Math Blaster!) and that's only after 4 shots on goal...

We raise a glass to Scott Hartnell. Tonights PKLC Man Crush of The Night.

- Jaye

(EDIT: I almost forgot, you should all check out Shirts Off For Horcoff written by long time friend Brad Smith. I can only assume by reading the tiny ass font with a microscope, that he'll be talking about Oilers hockey and other 'league related things'. Tell him PKLC sent yah!)

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  1. I may be a rangers fan, but Hartnell cutting his hair made me sad. Having a heavy metal hippie in the NHL was awesome, and now when Avery (and Carcillo?) is on medication all we have left now is Parros' pornstache.

    And biznasty of course...