Friday, November 5, 2010

PKLC Man Crush Nov 5 Edition/Oilers Curse?

Tonight's PKLC Man Crush ties into the second part of tonight's title.

It seems lately, former Oilers have been striding into Rexall Place in a bit of a funk (Raffi Torres only had 3 goals in 10 games before returning to his old stomping grounds to pop in a hatty) only to burn their former teammates. The same can be said for tonight's PKLC Man Crush. The Red Wings, ever since getting bounced by the Oilers in the 2006 playoffs, really haven't gotten their grove back in the City of Champions. That all changed tonight, with the help of tonight's Man Crush.

Walking out of Rexall with a pair of Apples and a Geno (that's two assists and a goal for those of you out there who were confused) was Daniel Cleary. If Fernando 'you put the puck in the net like a pizza in the oven' Pisani and the Blackhawks roll into town sunday, and throws down on his former team..I'm going to say I called it.

(EDIT: Loui Eriksson and his 4 points (2 on the pp) have gotten some people angry that he was not tonight's Man Crush..while it was admirable..he wasn't a former it didn't work tonight)

- Jaye


  1. I declare an anti Dallas Stars bias. How do you not go with a 4 point player, any of the 3 point players, or the team in general for going 4 for 6 on the PP? I am beginning a boycott starting immediately. First order of business: Post a link to a competing blog on my twitter feed.

  2. For the Record, Oilers are in Chicago on Sunday.

    Just thought you should know. Their putting cows in Rexall Place again.