Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Guest Man Crush

Once again we took the Man Crush vote to the streets. We have Pete from Up The Pucks who took it and just wrote the damn thing...

Man Crush is John Scott. Buying his player shirt tomorrow and also this..

Pete goes on to add..

John Scott is becoming more than a man. He is becoming legend. Any man the gets a penalty for just stepping on the ice is spawned from the toughest of trees. There you go, I just wrote it. 

Honourable Mention goes to Dustin Byfuglien who basically ran roughshod over the Avalanche tonight. He also has a hell of a cannon. In the irony of ironies, it was Anthony Stewart, (brother of Avs forward Chris) who would score tonight's OT winner for Atlanta.

Big thanks to Pete for tonight's Man Crush writeup via Twitter.

- Jaye

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  1. Damn you, I was just going to start a tweet with "Irony of ironies." Back to the drawing board.