Monday, August 23, 2010

Sheldon Souray – the douche bag

July 12, 2007 Sheldon Souray signs with the Edmonton Oilers. I know where I was and my actual reaction when I first read it on It went along something like this: “OMFG?!?!?!?!?!?! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *Jumps up and down….runs upstairs screaming and yelling to my sister that we just sign Souray and twisting my ankle. After a dominating performance in 2006-2007 where he put up 64 points and notched 19 power play goals, I was ecstatic for the upcoming season and hoping he can repeat his performance the year before in Montreal. Boy was I wrong.

Fast forward 3 years later, he has been nothing but a bust. Injured for a majority of the 5 year contract (144 games played out of 246 regular season games) due to selfish and ignorant decisions to fight, Souray placed the Oilers in a huge hole. Without their supposedly “star” defencemen, the Oilers were unable to make the playoffs, something they have not done since 2006. Just the thought of that brings a tear to my eyes. Anywho back to Souray. After an abysmal season that any Oiler fan would love to forget, Souray goes public and demands a trade to which he went to reporter Mark Spector first, a man known to have something against the Oilers. Ouch….another defencemen who wears 44 who wants out of Edmonton. This is getting ridiculous is it not? So much for honouring one’s contract. Souray claims that management force him to play when he was injured and they did not look after him. Excuse me? You are how old? You get a boo boo and you want our general manager to come down to the locker room to kiss it and make you feel better? Besides, isn’t that the trainers job not the gm’s? That’s ludicrous IMO. If I could be a gm, I would never force my own injured players to play (I’d probably tell them to heal the hell up quickly) so Souray’s claim is a bit odd to me. Then again I do not know what Oiler management does behind their doors but I assume it is civilized and reasonable. I’m just going with what I speculate. Continuing on.

With those remarks and the rebuild happening in Edmonton, Steve Tambellini planned to ship Souray off at the Draft. No takers. He placed him on waivers hoping someone would take this baby off our team….again no takers. Now that’s a big slap in the face to Souray. Nobody wants him or his 5.4m cap hit! Recently, he has told the media that the Oilers Management has done nothing to patch things up with him. Uhhhhh… Why should they patch things up with you when you go asking for a trade, insulting them, the organization and most importantly the fans? You selfish narcissistic bastard.

Next season is just right around the corner, and I’m afraid that Souray will still be an Oiler. Why you might ask? Because he needs to build his reputation back up in the league and boost his value so the Oilers can ship this cancer out of the locker room. Question is, will there be anyone willing to dance with the Oilers in obtaining this douche bag? Time will tell. My message to Souray: “put up some big points, you’re going to need one hell of a season to get what you want”.

Rich (the Godfather)

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  1. Yeah. Who wants that kind of cancer in your dressing room. Douche.