Friday, August 27, 2010

Better Know A Blogger

There is a boatload of bloggers out there. Here at PKLC we're just a spec on the hockey blogosphere. But we do have some famous friends. I shot a few questions over to friend of the blog, Jason Hornberger, creator of the Dallas Stars blog 'Discard What You Don't Need'

You recently got into the blogging scene. What got you into it, and how well do you think the Stars are covered by the online community?

For the past 5 years I've essentially self-moderated a hockey forum with a few others that was built from the ground up on a website tucked in the corner ofthe Internet. After joining Twitter and stumbling across people like Down Goes Brown, blogging suddenly became more than just rehashing what happened the previous night. It also became about making “Kyle Wellwood is fat” jokes and harping on the Leafs for sucking. Suddenly, it became interesting. I soon began to follow more and more people and decided that I wanted to write about the Stars in my own voice. I’d seen Andrew’s Dallas Stars Page and Defending Big D, but without disrespect to either conglomerate of writers, it didn’t do it for me. They both cover cold hard facts and are both heavily popular, but at the same time they aren’t poking fun at the obvious inadequacies of the team. Hell, even Daryl Reaugh’s blog that is sponsored by the Stars makes fun of the team. Hence I set out on my mission to provide humor, some Stars commentary, and some good old fashion self-loathing along the way.

The Stars have now missed the playoffs for the second consecutive season. Do you think they've made any off season moves to get them back into the second season?

This is actually the first time since moving to Dallas that the American Airlines Center has been hockey-less for two post seasons. Ever since the Brad Richards trade, I believe a significant change in philosophy was undertaken in terms of the team’s direction. Out went a great back-up goaltender and one of our top defensive forwards, and in came a point producing beast. I mention all this because ever since it seems we finally fixed our scoring issues, but the defense, and subsequently goaltending, have suffered immensely. There are issues when your #1 defenseman is Stephane Robidas. Sorry, I love a guy who is willing to block a shot with his face, but he isn’t a #1 guy.  As for additions that will help us get back to the playoffs? You mean Adam Burish and Andrew Raycroft?  Excuse me while I go drink until I either blackout and forget you asked that question, or I puke (because the taste of vomit is more appealing than thinking of Andrew Raycroft helping lead us to the post season). I know we also signed Brad Lukowich, but in reality that’s just an AHL move and I will be shocked to see him play at the NHL level sans a rash of injuries.

I know this is probably the last question you want asked, but I have to ask it. Mike Modano, do you hate him for leaving the team? or was his departure one you thought was inevitable?

I knew a Modano question was coming, so I made sure to put on a jock strap prior to fielding these questions. I don’t blame Mike one bit for how the situation played out.  It boils down to the fact that Tom Hicks ran out of money and the team decided that they could put a price on loyalty and it was more than they were willing to spend. I really felt that when his current contract ended he was going to hang up the skates, but Mike felt he still had something left in the tank and Detroit offered everything you could dream of at the end of a career: a great position on a team that is always contending, solid defense and an up-and-coming goalie who will be even better after a full season, and some talented young line mates, not to mention really having no pressure on your shoulders like he’s always had in Dallas even when he was relegated to the 3rd line. How could he not want to sign with them? That being said, I’m still going to boo him mercilesslybecause if there’s one thing I know, it’s that the Red Wings suck. (Editors Note: ain't that the truth)

After exactly ONE game of pure awesomeness what ever happened to Fabian Brunnstrom?

I’m pretty sure the Stars put a picture of him on the side of a milk carton. I was actually at his first game in which he got a hat trick. He actually had 4 goals, but the refs over turned one of them. He could have had 5 or 6 the way he played that night. I really thought we hit the jackpot, but then the reality of an undrafted late bloomer who just wanted to play rock music settled into the Stars line-up. Like a lot of the guys on the team (specifically the young D-men), he shows flashes of brilliance and skill. Sadly, none of that occurred last season, it was all in 2008. Hopefully he takes this new 1-year deal, the motivation of being shopped in trades, and really puts forth a great effort with all the forward talent on the team and finds his groove this season.

Seeing as it's the 'Question of the Day' do you think bloggers should get media accreditation, and would it benefit you to have access to the team?

As fun as it sounds to be able to watch the game from the press box, schmooze with the reporters, and meet the players, I could care less. I deal with those people on a daily basis with my job and have no added desire to be around them more than that. It isn’t like we have a ton in common, “Hey Raycroft, guess what? I can’t stop a slapshot to save my life either.” Ok, perhaps a bad example.  My feeling is that a lot of bloggers will use the credentials for the wrong reasons: as I stated just to meet people, not to actually gain a story or extra insight.  By the same token, I think that if they are allowed access, that it should not be restricted to just those that are 100% serious and positive about a team. This is mainly in response to The Goalie Guild’s article about how topresent yourself to a team in order to achieve success and access.  A big part of what I plan on writing is humor, and since my audience isn’t necessarily Stars fans, but rather hockey fans, one has to mock themselves just as they do others.  In other words, I’m not going to be making anyone’s Christmas Card list in terms of Media Relations anytime soon

I'd like to thank Jason for taking some time out of his day to answer our questions. Follow his always hilarious tweets @damnitjason or check his blog out under the Blog Roll to your right.
- Jaye



  1. I think this Jason fellow is usually much funnier than portrayed in this interview. I bet it's probably some lame excuse like working 3 straight 12+ hour days with little sleep. Then I'm sure he's throwing some garbage out there about him staying up until the wee hours of the morning finishing this interview. Then again, maybe he has as much humor in him as Martin Skoula has defensive ability.

  2. Jason - you raise an interesting point. I'll be sure to pass this along to the..other..Ja..son..WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!